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The EMU Music Therapy Center


The EMU Music Therapy Center has served the greater Ann Arbor Community since 2008. Senior students conduct individual music therapy sessions under supervision in or state-of-the-art clinical center. Students engage in experiential learning through placement in a variety of clinical serttings in the community - always working under the supevision of a Board Certified Music Therapist.

What EMU Music Therapy Center Offers

Clinical Services

Senior music therapy students provide clinical services under the supervision of a faculty Board Certified Music Therapist.











All new clients must be assessed by a member of the EMU music therapy faculty to determine the client’s suitability for student services. This ensures that our students possess the skill level necessary to meet the dynamic needs of the individual client and assists us in assigning the student best able to meet the needs of the client (see section on Fees for more information about initial assessment.

Professional music therapists with the MTC are also able to provide music therapy assessments for other purposes such as eligibility assessments among others.

Client Intake

Music Therapy sessions at the MTC correspond with the acadmic calendar, thus we accept new clients prior September and January and maintain a waitlist for services. All new clients must first be assessed by one of the center’s professional board certified music therapists.

Professional Services

Limited professional music therapy services are offered at the MTC. Fees for service are negotiated between the therapist and client. Profssional services are offered across the following specializations:

  • MT for early childhood, speech and language

  • MT for Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • MT for Parkinson’s Disease

  • MT for Neurological impairments

  • MT for Personal exploration

  • The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music


We have a limited number of spaces in our program, and are not attempting to compete with the strong private practices of local music therapists, whose information we will gladly provide upon request. We provide services during the academic school year of Eastern Michigan University when the students are available, for approximately 13 sessions each semester. Each client may be observed by other students or taped for training purposes.


Student-led music therapy services are offered on a sliding scale to partially cover the costs of the center. The scale will be negotiated on an individual basis. No person in need will be turned away for inability to pay.

Fees for professional services vary by the type of therapy, length of session and the individual therapist’s credentials.

Fee for the professional assessment for a client new to the MTC starts at $120.00 and varies based on individual client need. Length of assessment will not exceed 3 sessions and will be negotiated after the first assessment session.

Fees for professional assessment services for purposes other than intake into the MTC will be negotiated between the professional MT-BC and the client, parent or guardian.


Student-led music therapy sessions range from 30-50 minutes in length depending upon the needs of the client.

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